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Frequently Asked Questions

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VPS (Virtual Private Servers)

What if my needs increase/decrease?
Can I upgrade part-way through a month?
How long is my contract?
What if I completely mess up my server configuration?
What if I get stuck and can't make it work?
What if I get hacked?
How reliable are your servers/services?
What if I discover it's unsuitable for me after I paid?
What if I do something illegal on it?
What if I break your Terms and Conditions?
Am I allowed to use it for bulk emailing?
Can I use it to host adult content?
What if I exceed my bandwidth allocation?
What if I lose my root password?
What if I want to start over (re-image)?
What does it mean 'to build a VPS/Server'?
Can you build it for us (then we'll manage it)?
How long does it take you to build a VPS?
Will you install anything we ask you to?
Can you install a control panel?
Can we use unlicensed software?
Can you access our server?
What if my payment is late?
How many domains can I host on my VPS?
Who is responsible for OS updates/upgrades?
Will our monthly payments ever increase?
How do I cancel?

Web Hosting

What kind of hosting is this?
How reliable is your hosting?
Do you host sites built by others?
How fast is your hosting?
How can I upload my website?
What if I can't manage to upload my site so it displays?
What if I need an application installed?
Is there a control panel I can access?
Can I use SSH to access my account on the server?
Is GIT installed?
What if I need the server configured specially?
What if we use up all our resources?
Can we use it for bulk email sending?
Can you see our data/emails?
How do we add email accounts?
How do we add email aliases?
How do we add FTP accounts?
Is our website/email backed up?
If we ever wish to leave, what will happen to our data?
What webmail interface is installed?
What web server application do you use?
We want you to host our email but not our website, ok?
We want you to host our website, but not our email, ok?

Maintenance Plans

What if I need more hours than my plan provides?
Can unused hours be transfered to the following month?
How honest are you when it comes to my 'hours'?
What if you can't do what we ask?
How strict is your time-keeping?
Can you price 'by job'?
Which is the right plan for me?
Can we change or cancel plans at any time?
Our server is with another provider can you still maintain it?
Our server is in-house, can you still maintain it?
How do you access remote servers for maintenance?

Web Design

How do we tell you what we're looking for?
How much is the down-payment?
What if we don't like the design?
Can we host it someplace else?
How long does it take to build a website?
What technologies do you use?
How much do updates cost?
How do you charge for updates?
Do we have to pay for updates we don't like?
What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
Is SEO included?
How can I tell how many visitors I'm getting?
Can we login and make small updates to our site ourselves?
How do we know you won't run off with our downpayment?


Do you provide both IMAP and POP3 support?
What is a '(e)mail client'?
Can we use any email client?
Do you provide a webmail interface?
How do we setup Outlook/Outlook Express?
How do we setup Thunderbird?
How do I change my email password?
I forgot my email password! What should I do?
Can you send copy of my email to my yahoo/gmail account?
Which mail client to do you recommend we use?


Where are your servers located?
Do you have access to our data?
Do the NSA have access to our data?
Would you allow any authority to access our data?
Do you use our data or details for any other purpose?
Do you sell our email addresses?
Would you help us to encrypt our emails?
Would you inform us if you were asked to compromise our data?
Please tell us how backing up is handled?

Technical Support

Don't have a Support plan but need support?
How helpful are your support personnel?
What are the available methods of contacting you?
How quickly will you respond to email emails?
Can we call you?
Can we call on Skype?

Your Account (Payments, upgrades, etc)

What payment methods do you support?
Do you offer 'Terms'?
What guarantee do we have?
We paid our late invoice - when will our service be restored?
What if we don't pay?
How do we upgrade?
How do we cancel?
Can we have a refund?
Can we have a discount?
Can you issue an "Official Receipt" (for Philippines)


How long has been around?
Where are you based?
Who is behind
How come you have such competitive prices?