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Outsourced Server or VPS Management

All of our support packages can also be applied to servers/VPS's not supplied by us!

Initial Server Build

All our VPS's come with the Operating System already installed for you, but installing a webserver, mailserver or any other applications and configuring them all is down to you.

We understand that you might want to have someone else do this initial setup for you.

If you would like us to handle this just check the box below and we will communicate with you by email/skype to build the server to your requirements, import your data and website, etc.

After the building is complete, our Build Team hands over either to you, or if you included 'Optional Maintenance/Support', to our Support Team, to provide ongoing maintenance.

Add To Basket

Not everyone is willing to manage their own Linux based server using only command-line tools, over an SSH connection, which is why we offer a VPS/Server Management Service.

VPS management can include such tasks as, user management, creating/removing email accounts, troubleshooting applications (like the mail or webserver), installing/upgrading applications, installing security updates and keeping the server secure. It does not include website updates (you need a 'Website Maintenance Contract' for those).

Plan Hours Price
Pay-As-You-Go 1   per hour Add to Basket
SysConsult 2   monthly Add to Basket
SysHelper 4   monthly Add to Basket
SysJnrAdmin 8   monthly Add to Basket
SysAdmin 12   monthly Add to Basket