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How long does it take you to build a VPS?

First, let me clarify the question. This is not "How long after I order before I can login?" (that would be just an hour or so).

This is regarding installing your applications and configuring them according to your requirements, if you ordered "Initial Server Building" from us.

It really depends on what applications you are asking us to install and whether you have any unusually complex requirements, but to give you an idea, if we are setting up a standard web and mailserver for one domain/website, we will normally tell you to expect two days. It can be faster, but DNS propagation often causes delays in testing.

If you are asking us to install a multiple domain server, possibly with Virtualmin it could be longer

We will extend your billing cycle by the number of days that it took us to prepare your server for you, so that you do not end up paying for the time while you could not use it.

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