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about us

Based in Antipolo City (which is just outside Manila, the capital of the Philippines), we take pride in offering an end-to-end and personal service.

We fill a niche market for companies and individuals who need some kind of I.T. infrastructure but lack the resources or skills to implement and run it themselves. We will take you by the hand and explain every step along the path to your I.T. goals.

Our offerings include: VPS's, shared web hosting, maintenance contracts, system administration and providing other remote Linux assistance.

We promote Linux at every opportunity, because it is the best choice for any business with many built-in savings and efficiency benefits. Why not ask us to explain what the FREE Linux operating system can do for you or your business today?

We have very strong feelings concerning your privacy. Privacy is a basic human right and one which we will always seek to protect.

Due to the recent revelations concerning the obscene snooping on global data by the US Government's NSA, we are now actively seeking to relocate our servers outside of US durisdiction. New VPS's ordered from us will now be physically located in the Netherlands unless the customer requests otherwise.

We will also be offering secure email services shortly, for both private individuals and businesses. Contact us for more details.