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Am I allowed to use it for bulk emailing?

Not as a rule, if it comes to our attention that you are spamming, we may terminate your account without warning (until we have fully investigated the circumstances).

If you are sending out emails to a list, it is your responsibility to ensure that EVERY person in that list has explicitly enrolled to receive the type of email you are sending out. There must also be a working unsubscribe method which results in the recipient being immediately and permanently removed from the list they unsubscribed from.

If you intend to send out bulk email, we would appreciate running it by us first. This can avoid getting your server shutdown the moment we get a couple of alerts from

If you are intending to use it to flog online medications, sexual pills of any kind, swiss watches or any other commonly known spam marketed product - stay away! We are not tolerant to those kinds of users. You will lose your money and (unusually for us) we will co-operate with law-enforcement agencies to have such an operation shutdown!

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